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Hey there entrepreneur. I see you. 

Busy, stressed for time, and needing a solution to simplify your life and streamline new sales. You run a small to medium sized business with an amazing product or service but you are struggling to reach an audience. Your website is old and outdated, or worse, non-existent and you need more customers.

You already have a million things on your plate demanding your attention and you need solutions NOW! You want to grow your business dramatically and crush your revenue goals, but you need something special to get you there.

Don’t stress! I’ve got this!

I love to create Custom, easy-to-use websites designed to do the work for you.

web design services built for success


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web design services for success

Nellie needed an overhaul

Nellie was ready to launch a brand new and exciting branch of her business and needed an easy-to-use solution that did not require any tech skills at all.

“My tech knowledge is very low. 0% knowledge.” – Nellie K

She needed a hands-off website designed to inform and direct customers and generate new sales. She needed something that she could trust to do the work for her so she could focus on her area of expertise, helping people with disabilities.

I was thrilled to be able to design something super simple and easy-to-use that will grow with her business. Set up for success with the most minimal amount of maintenance, Nellie can focus on the people she serves instead of worrying about her website.

I had the great pleasure of having Natalie Rose create my website. I am not at all technical and she was very patient with me. She asked questions that drew out what I wanted, and added a personal touch. Natalie is very knowledgeable about marketing and what catches someone’s eye, and she uses her knowledge in your best interest. She is patient and shares her visual ideas. After my web site was completed she was available for questions and she also gave me a package with a video about how to do things on your web site, so that I can refer to the information years later if I want to make changes myself.
Nellie K.
DTC and Special Needs Consultant
@ Supportive Options & Solutions

I don’t just design.

I create awesome user experiences that cultivate client relationships.

connect with your clients.
get back to being creative.

With the proper tools and support any small business can easily grow their audience and increase sales. A high-end website expertly designed for organic growth will save you time, so you can focus on your talents and get back to the work you love.

Your visitors want more than a product or service. 
Cultivate connections & offer an authentic experience that not only wows your audience, but keeps them coming back for more. 

With a streamlined design process crafted to save you time and frustration we will dig deeper into your goals and vision. Together we will create something meaningful & memorable that allows the heart of your business to shine. 

Let's create something amazing!

Web design services

Branding + Identity Design

Start with a thorough branding & identity design review. Take a deep dive into your brand to figure out what is working and what can be improved. If needed, I will suggest and provide you with updated logos, colour palettes, and images to make your brand shine bright. Already have your branding on lock? Awesome! I will work with your chosen brand specifications to create something that perfectly fits your brand and style. 

Simple Solutions

A thoughtfully written user guide and tutorial. Every website is different, and everyone starts with a different skill level. Rest easy knowing that you will have all of the tools to make changes and edits yourself with a guide designed specifically for you and your website. This means less time spent working on your website, and more time doing what you love. 

Fabulous tech support. If you run into issues, have questions, or need edits that you can’t do yourself, I’m always here to help! Feel free to reach out with anything that you need, and I’ll be there in a jiffy. 

Website Design + Development

Your website is your first impression and your face to the world. Put your best face forward with a high-end, custom website. Built to last and grow, I create experiences that both you and your audience will love to use.

Responsive design. Everything is created with the user experience in mind. Whether your visitors are browsing from a phone, tablet, or computer you can be sure that your website will function flawlessly while looking amazing on any screen size. 

SEO, Google Analytics, and a marketing forward approach. Designed with keywords that match your target market and brand you will be sure to be noticed. With SEO techniques your website will rank well in search engines, and with Google Analytics you can gain insights into who is visiting so you can target your audience more effectively. 

Reliable securityHackers, viruses, and bots are a huge threat online. Without proper protection your stunning new website is vulnerable. Built with affordable security solutions so you can have peace of mind knowing your website is safe. 

Each project is special, so I tailor my prices and designs according to the needs of my clients. That’s why instead of offering packages, I create custom solutions based on your unique needs & skill level.

wordpress web design services

custom solutions built to grow

Jo Needed something simple

After writing her first novel, “A Funny Kind of Paradise”, new author Jo Owens needed a website to promote her upcoming book release. 

Jo was looking for something simple and easy-to-use, that not only promoted her new book but would allow her to make simple changes and continue to share her writing, without needing a tonne of technical knowledge and skill.

It was a true pleasure to work with Jo to create an elegant, stress-free website and blog that would continue to grow and adapt with her in the future, no matter how far her talents take her!

I am so glad that I chose Natalie to create a website to showcase my novel, A Funny Kind of Paradise. I had a definite idea of the impression I wanted to create and absolutely no idea how to get there. Natalie changed what felt like a desperate blind leap into manageable steps. Her communication skills are excellent and she's very down to earth. I love my new website, and my website package comes with a beautifully clear, personalized tutorial that is understandable to even a stubborn technophobe like myself. To add to my satisfaction, knowing that Natalie provides "On-Demand Maintenance" at extremely reasonable rates gives me a deeply appreciated sense of security. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Natalie Rose!

Website Maintenance

Building a website is like planting a garden. You can’t just throw in some seeds and walk away. Like a garden your website needs care & maintenance to grow. Things like updates to themes & plugins and backups to ensure that it continues to function efficiently like the day that it was launched. 

I offer both monthly and on demand maintenance and design edits for the busy business owner who wants peace of mind knowing their website is being taken care of for them.

Level one


Support Hours: 3 (For smaller sites, up to 8 pages)

Monthly Backups
Ongoing SEO updates and analysis
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Monthly Analytics Report
General Updates and Design Editing

Level two


Support Hours: 5 (For medium to large sites)

Monthly Backups
Ongoing SEO updates and analysis
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Monthly Analytics Report
General Updates and Design Editing
Annual Report including updates, optimization, security and performance

support hours are typically used for

Adding recent news and blog postings to the website
Updating new staff profiles
Updating pricing & menu items
Updating events, classes & workshops
Updating hours of operation, schedules & contact information
Enhancing existing content & pages for SEO
Adding new images & text to your website
Performing updates & backups
WordPress website maintenance

on demand maintenance

I offer quick turn around on regular updates and design edits.

Billed by the quarter hour, at an hourly rate of $70, this is a great option for little tweaks to your website. For example, 30 minutes would be billed at $35.  

Many minor edits can be done fairly quickly, for example:

Adding new images and text to your website
Performing backups & updates
WordPress website maintenance

My Specialties


I help heart-centered care providers connect with prospective clients in an authentic and meaningful way so they can make a difference in more lives. Through streamlined design we can showcase your services in a way that truly makes an impact, allowing you more time to focus on your area of expertise.


I have a huge love & passion for outdoor adventure, protecting the environment, and eco-friendly products. I'm here to help eco-conscious innovators & outdoor focused businesses grow organically with custom branding and online solutions.

Rave + Festival

There's no better community than the festival community! I help rave & music festival artisans sell their beautiful, weird, & wonderful creations with customized ecommerce solutions. Grow your fan base and save those marketplace fees with your own online shop. I'm here to help you stand out and shine bright!

Custom Projects

Need something completely custom or need work to a pre-exisiting website?
Many developers won't even touch someone else's code, and that can leave you in a frustrating dilemma. I'm ready to take on the challenge! See how I can help you get back on track and onto a whole new level.

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